Medical Assistant Job Description: Duties and Tasks

The medical assistant job description you will face will vary quite a bit depending on where you find work, your overall work experience, and your area of expertise. The term medical assistant is actually an umbrella term for a number of different positions, ranging from clinical work to administrative.

Let’s talk about medical assistant job description. Generally, the role of an assistant in a medical environment of any kind is to be supportive of the doctors and nurses, and to keep the practice or office running in a timely manner, with few serious problems or delays. By achieving or obtaining more education provided by both medical assistant schools and medical assistant classes online, a medical assistant can undertake more responsibilities in a clinical setting, such as working with patients. In recent years, many more health professionals have become interested in hiring medical assistants who have the background and flexibility to do both clinical and clerical tasks.

Medical Assistant Job Description Medical Assistant Job Description – Clerical Tasks

The primary and original duty of a medical assistant is administrative. These duties are often specific to your place of work, and vary depending on a number of factors. What does medical assistant job description include then? Medical assistants in private practices will typically be in more of a management position, overseeing all the different aspects that keep the practice running smoothly. Assistants who work in a hospital setting may be responsible for caring for more specialized duties.

Typically, medical assistant job description includes handling of the vast majority of clerical tasks, including scheduling, billing, admissions, insurance claim forms, answering phones, bookkeeping, and caring for medical records. The more in depth your position is, the higher the certified medical assistant salary will be. In smaller settings, you may be       responsible for greeting patients and making arrangements for lab services as needed.

Often working as an administrator only requires a high school diploma or GED, whereas attending to clinical duties will require a diploma from one of your area’s quality medical assisting schools.

Medical Assistant Job Description – Clinical Tasks

In a clinical setting you will have a much greater scope of responsibilities, which is why the salaries are typically higher, though you must attend or at least have taken medical assistant programs online or similar programs at a live campus. Let’s look at other responsibilities under medical assistant job description. The medical assistant duties involved with a clinical assistant may be performed in place of the doctor or nurse, which is why you are required to be certified and have more education, depending on your state’s legal standards. Besides a higher pay rate, you can also expect more career mobility, which is another reason to check out online medical assistant programs.

Usually, the medical assistant job description includes helping the nurse or physician to examine the patient, administering medications, checking vital signs, and creating medical records. In some parts of the country, medical assistant job description in a clinical setting also includes performing lab tests, taking X rays, taking out stitches, dressing wounds, and authorizing prescriptions. You may also be responsible for giving out information pertaining to medications to patients, and discussing dietary needs. All of these tasks are performed under the supervision of a doctor; though you will be give much more leeway than in a clerical position.

Medical Assistant Job Description–Specialization

Occasionally your medical assistant job description may allow you to specialize in a specific area of health care, which means you will be able to undertake certain tasks that are directly related to your area of expertise. An example of this would be an ophthalmic assistant who can perform duties that are associated with eye surgeries– like eye tests, eye muscle tests, vision measurement, and eye dressing. Medications may also be given by the medical assistant. That said, with knowledge and experience, comes great benefits. Good news is, certified medical assistant salary is always higher than any average medical assistant salary in the US.

Specializing in a specific field is a great choice as an assistant if you want to achieve a higher level of responsibility in your work place, which in turn means a higher salary, and better benefits and perks. Before making a decision, check out all of the medical assistant job description duties to see which direction would be best for you.

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Medical Assistant Job Description: Duties and Tasks
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