Sterile Processing Technician: Duties and Tasks

Sterile Processing TechnicianThere is a good chance that you have never even heard of a sterile processing technician, but they play a vital role in the health care industry. A sterile processing technician is responsible for sterilizing and cleaning the many instruments used in various medical operations and procedures.

Manual cleaning is often the only choice for many pieces of equipment, and if this equipment isn’t cleaned thoroughly it could be the difference between life and death. Once you delve into the subject and discover what is involved with becoming a sterile processing technician, you will see that this can be a fun, fast-paced, and rewarding profession. One where you know that you are a part of a process that saves lives every day, and improves the quality of life for millions of people.

The first step to becoming a sterile processing technician is to find one of the many excellent surgical technologist schools to get more information. The information below is just the beginning, but it is meant to give you a better idea on whether or not this is the best choice for you and your career aspirations.

Sterile Processing Technician – Further Duties

Beyond the most basic duties of a sterile processing technician, there are also other tasks that may be performed. These include examining the equipment before and after every cleaning for problems, ordering supplies, assembling instrument trays, and distributing supplies as needed. This may sound somewhat tedious, but sterile processing technicians generally work in teams and therefore get to meet and work with many different people, which can help keep the job interesting and fun.

Sterile Processing Technician Schools and Education

While you may be able to find work as a sterile processing technician with only a high school diploma or a GED, you will find it difficult to advance in your career without attending one of the many surgical tech schools. Doing so, and getting your surgical tech certification, will also open you up to a higher salary, better benefits, and other perks.

You may also decide to do some specialized training, and a one year program for certification is offered by tons of community collages all over the country– some even lasting only a semester. The subjects covered in these programs include medical terminology, and equipment management, to name a few. Having a high level of knowledge about the many instruments you will service will come in handy as you enter the work force or complete for a promotion.

Sterile Processing Technician: Getting your Certification at Surgical Assistant Schools

There are many organizations that offer certification programs for students who wish to further their careers as a sterile processing technician. Once you get your certification you can expect to make a salary of between $20,000 to $45,000 a year, depending on where you live, bonuses, profit sharing, overtime, commissions and other factors. This amount does not include any benefits, but include general benefits packages which are very generous in the medical field. If this seems like an interesting option for you, then you should look more into becoming a sterile processing technician by contacting one of the best surgical assistant schools in your area today.

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Sterile Processing Technician: Duties and Tasks
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